8 Random Things About Me

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I got another tag from Maribel, thank you so much for tagging. I do appreciate it thinking i am just new in this field and still in the process of learning and exploring yet there are people who already think about me. Thank you so much for the friendship

Here are 8 Things I can share about me.

1. I grew up in a middle class family where we earn enough for us to eat 3 meals a day and buy some piece of luxury stuffs we want.

2. I have experienced difficulties at 16 when my mother applied to work abroad and failed that caused downfall but i never had a remorse about that. She was just thinking about my college education since staying here in our town having only a store as our means of living is not enough to support it.

3. Since i am the eldest, at 16 i worked various kinds of job. I have been an all around maid, a nanny, a factory worker and a waitress. Because of less experience i was kicked out many times until i was hired to work as a computer attendant by a rich friend in Manila. Through that, i found the man i was dreaming of who saved me and my family from that dark horizon and at the same time showed me his unconditional love and introduced me what love is.

4. To show my love and devotion to him, i did not hesitate to answer him "yes" when he asked for my hands to my parents. May 18, 2008, I've became officially Mrs. Wilks, his wife.

As my parents walked me on the aisle.

5. I have good heart and my husband have proven that right, specially when it comes to my family because i love them so dearly. My family are my best friends!

With my sisters Cheep and Chem and the only brother Botchie

6. I am a good friend, the proof are my bunches of friends i have wherever i go. I am always a joker in group or should i say a clown for i can always make them laugh and forget their problems for a moment.

7. What you see is not all what you can get in me. I may look mean and snobby at first but definitely i am not mean nor a snob. Get to know me and you'll know I am a very approachable person and warm hearted. I am easy to get along with and i can get along with people easily.

8. I am flirtatious and naughty only for my hubby and silly according to him.

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1. Demcy 2. Sweet Pinay
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