Buwan ng Wika

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On Friday, August 15, a Philippine language week program which we called “Buwan ng Wika” took place at Andres Bonifacio College gymnasium or AB Amatong Civic Center. We used to celebrate the program once a year at the month of August, which is to celebrate Filipino language as a medium of communication in the Philippines. It is the time when the hidden talents of the students to be shown, recognized and sharpened.

The program started at 9:00 in the morning with the participation of all students of Andres Bonifacio College from high school students to all college departments. The program started with the singing of our national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” followed by a prayer and opening remarks. The awaited part after that was the presentation of all the departments. Joy and excitement filled the students’ hearts as they witness the unseen talent of the co-students. Selected students sung with their hearts. Some students showed their talent in the field of acting and dancing which was awarded with warm applause.

After the singing, acting and dancing portion the “Tagisan ng Talino” followed. It is a competition of brains to test the intelligence and intellect of the students. It was categorized by easy, average and difficult level. There were three representatives in each department and only one can be crowned as the most excellent student in the campus. After the brain twisters have totally finished the Engineering Department was prevailed as winner bagging twenty seven points, a point higher that Education Department. The Nursing Department ranked third.

The program stopped for lunch break and resumed at 1:00 in the afternoon. The students were excitedly waiting for the “Singing Bee” competition to start. The most awaited part of the program started, the loud screaming students can be heard singing along the band playing onstage. Tension and nervousness filled the gym as the quest began. The contestants, which were the selected students from each department, were uneasy with anticipation as they waited for their turn. Eighteen among the twenty seven contestants was left standing on stage, aiming to win the title as the SINGING BEE CHAMPION. From eighteen went down to five and down to the lucky Singing Bee Champion from the department of Education. It was indeed the Andres Bonifacio College version of the most popular and awarded TV show aired on ABS-CBN “The Singing Bee”.

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