My husband's notebook got Internet connection!

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My husband had this Buffalo wireless router, he said he was using it for his notebook while he was working in Iraq. He brought it here last May and i was just not paying attention when he told me about it. Supposedly it is for our Internet cafe business plan. Since my computer only have Internet connection, he keeps bugging on me to get my butt off my computer for a few for him to check his yahoo sports, which is his obsession. Sometimes when he get on the computer first i have to wait for him to finish before i can have my computer for myself. And now that we both have connections, we will not gonna worry about that no more.
After four months of keeping it in the box, he just decided to use for he can not take the situation no more he..he.. It only took a few minutes to run the connection once you log back into the Internet Service Provider - SmartBro. It did some booting on both computers. I logged on my Smartbro account and do some activation, cool it works. We were so glad his laptop have the connection now so we can both play online and surf and do whatever we want to do. I just hope that our monthly bill statement would state the same billing amount.