New King of The Hill

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I have been wanting to post this, i just couldn't find time yesterday and the day before yesterday. I should say i was not inspired, my insomnia attacked that i had no sleep for 20 hours last Friday. It's so hard to sleep when your mind is awake.

I watched the "King of the Hill" (IPT- 8 ball) pool championship game aired on ESPN last Thursday afternoon (Phil. time) at our weekly hang-out. It was not my intention to watch it but my husband came to me in the other part of room (at our gambling table) telling me that they are watching it as they were playing pool. Since, i was not playing cards i decided to watch. It was Efren "bata" Reyes, The Magician vs Mike "Mouth" Sigel (depending champion) aspiring to keep the title "King of the Hill 2008" with $1000000 prize. I was intrigue, i heard a lot about this Filipino player who always wins pool games since 1984. I am not a Pool fan, my husband has been trying to teach me how to play. Well, i know how to shoot the ball into the pockets but i don't know the tricks. It's a boring game for me.

The object of this championship game was the "best out of 3 sets" winning 8 games. During the first set, Reyes kicked Sigel's butt(8-0). Yes, it was really impressive, i cheered for Reyes vs the white guys (hubby's friends around). I was so proud of this Filipino Player, he was reigning the table as if he was the only one playing. The second set was a little bit difficult for Reyes. Sigel got back on track as he make his shoots to depend and keep his title as the "King of the Hill". Sigel did not make it, he was unable to depend his title scoring 5 games. Reyes ended the game with his last shoot to the title "King of the Hill 2008" and to $1000000. Therefore i conclude that he really is the Filipino's pride and pool game is fun where you'll use ur head to think ahead of shoots to make.