Boring Fiesta

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I went to Manukan (my hometown) today to celebrate the town's fiesta. Mom asked me to come because she prepared few dishes and roasted a pig's head, so i was hurrying home. My husband didn't feel like going out today so i went alone. It's been a long time since i last enjoyed our town's fiesta. I missed almost everything in my hometown-the happy, simple kind of living. As i was on my way i was expecting to see busy roads and crowded streets, full of vendors, buyers and visitors from other town. Of course, it can add joy to the heart seeing happy buyers getting busy along with the happy vendors and seeing happy faces of visitors for having full belly. i miss that! I miss the balloon vendors walking on the street with a bunch of balloons in one hand while calling "Balloon!" to attract the kids. I miss the ice cream vendors pushing that cart full of ice cream with different flavors while ringing the bell, tempting the kids to ask penny from their parents to buy. I was craving for cotton candy and the only place where we can buy those is at the amusement park. Oh, how i love playing games, going on rides and gamble. I planned on visiting all "ukay2x" stores too that house original clothes and stuffs at a low price.

To my dismay, i was just expecting too far from the reality. It was such a very boring fiesta at all. There were only few vendors along the street selling toys and other stuffs. If i am not wrong there were only five "ukay2x" stores. I did not even see balloons. Even the church is not that busy. I was wondering where the churchgoers are. The town was empty. I was hoping for a "5 years ago town fiesta". I guess I gotta wake up, it is 2008 now. I am not saying that i did not enjoy the fiesta, of course i did because i was celebrating it with my family. What i am saying is, i am just sad with the scenario. Where is the progressive Manukan now? I hope it is still there!