Here's How We Spend our Halloween

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Halloween is over, i am just wondering how everybody spent their Halloween. Here in the Philippines we do not really practice Halloween party or Costume party but here in the Village where we are residing at they do since there are numbers of foreigner living here now too. I heared foreigners, mainly in the United of America used of celebrating Halloween that way. So here’s how we spent our Halloween:

October 31, 2008, Friday morning we bought plenty bags of candies for the children for their trick or threat at night. At exactly 8 in the evening all the kids in our small community were gathered together wearing their costumes and started running fast from house to house. Each of them is trying to bag more candies. It was a new experience to me; it was funny looking at the kids running after another while holding their bags or baskets full of candies and yet trying to get some more.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. In the pictures it is
my husband giving candies to the kids

The next morning, November 01, it was All Saints Day. I prepared some dishes I will use as offering for our small altar to be needed at night. I bought candles and fresh flowers as well. We (some Filipinos, maybe some are not practicing it) used to offer foods or drinks on our altar. Those are foods and drinks for the souls of our loved-ones, family and relatives who died, it’s a way of sharing it to them as a family. Aside from the offerings we also light candles on the altar together with the foods. Lighted candles are counted as to how many souls you welcome in your house or how many loved-ones you have who have passed away. We also light candle outside the door (door of course is open) to light their way in. The offering of the foods, the lighting of candle should be started at exactly 8 in the evening followed by Prayers for the Souls. I have grown up, learned and seen all these things from my family and relatives. When I was a kid my mom always does all these. It has been a family practice, and now that I am married I will be continuing this practice.

Here is our small altar.
I lighted 9 candles on with little offerings with a pack of marlboro lights.

All Souls Day, November 2, of course I went home to Manukan and as what we used to do every November 2 , I and my family and this time with my husband went to visit all our loved-ones grave and offered prayers for them. It was my husband's first exprience celebrating Halloween like that too as if all the cemeteries were having a fiesta. Of course, that is how Filipinos give importance to thier beloveds who have passed yet they will forever be remembered. We lighted candles and stayed for a few for a little chitchat.

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