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My husband is so obsessed with this game called Unification Wars. It has been so hard for me to get him off his computer every meal. He just discovered it lately online while messing up with my computer. It is a free online gaming system which you can play in three different categories; real time, daily or hourly. The fact that this game is free might be one of the reasons why my husband is so addicted to it since he said he is still learning more about the game. The game deals basically in economics, diplomacy or just all out planet wars. In the game you start out as an empire leader of your planetary system, recruit other players to be underneath you and level up your ministers who helped you provide many things. You need those to expand your economy, military and power by means of diplomacy or military. At the same time you are helping the players you recruited to build up their system and they will then be recruiting players to help them expand their economy and power. To those who are interested Click Here: Unification Wars to play.

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Unification Wars is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). It is just like a normal PC multiplayer game. However, this is on a massive scale where thousands can play together in a single game. There are different servers, with only 1 game running on 1 server. Here you play with or against other human players as well as non-player characters (NPC).

Short summary of this Game
Other human players can perform diplomatic relationship with you, for example war, alliances, and other forms of treaties.

To wage war, you will have to gather, collect, or capture resources to build up your military power. You will have to find a balance between gathering resources, protecting your empire, and expanding your empire by hostile or peaceful means.

You can research new technology to construct better fleets or to improve existing technology.

Build Empire (Character)
Empire building is the crucial factor of the game. Players may utilize thousand of empire building strategies from being a friendly empire who always lends help to others or you can go another way around; invading every empire you see. Anyway, it is best to allow you to experience it yourself.

Missions provide challenges to players. Each race has unique missions associated to them. Missions are implemented in a variety of quests and campaigns.

GUI (Navigation)
Unification Wars is unlike any other web-based online game. The game interacts to players using HTML and JavaScript interface. The JavaScript client is the enhanced version of the game which integrates high resolution graphics, easy navigation GUI, interactive Online Chat System, sound effects and also background music. Players can choose which GUI preferred at anytime.

Social Aspects
Unification Wars links players all over the world. Plus, Unification Wars players can interact with players from Galactic Conquest. Through the integrated Online Chat System, players can discuss, plan and sell items. Game Administrator and Game Guides are always around to lend assistance to players at anytime.

Players vs. Players
Playing against other players is more demanding compared to fighting Artificial Intelligence. Unification Wars offer non-stop players vs. player action, or even a group of players vs. another group. System Requirement Operating System: Windows 9x/2000/XP, Linux, Unix, OSX and other system with an internet connection.

Click here to play: Unification War

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