5 Facts About Me

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Lis has given me tag entitled 5 Facts About Me. Lis is my new blogger friend. After months of visiting and dropping ec on her blog finally we are able to talk to each other. Thanks for this sister. I have been revealing little bit of myself many times through tags so I thought of reaveling here something you do not know yet about me.

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5 Facts About Me:
1. I was once a bad daughter to my parents. I guess it was normal to escape from the house just to go to a dance party even in the middle of the night because my parents won't allow me if I ask permission.
2. I started working hard works at the age of 16 after my mother left home to go to Manila for her work application outside the county. I was working as an all around maid (nanny and a housemaid at the same time). I do all the house works being the only worker. I wash clothes while looking after the baby, everything with only 1000.00 pesos salary every month.
3. I started smoking at the age of 17.
4. I dance on the balance beam when I was in grace 6. Darn, I couldn't forget that. Now, I do not even know how to dance on the wide floor.
5. I used to be my sibling's savior. I saved them from my parents' painful discipline. One thing I couldn't forget was that "dos por dos" that supposed to land on my brother's butt but I took it. It got my pants wet with my own pee.


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