Bonding With Dopie

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My siblings took Dopie with them yesterday here. Since classes are already done, my siblings can visit us here every time they want and not just every Friday or Saturday. I was so happy they took Dopie with them and I was happier that Dopie is not scared with my husband anymore. My husband was so happy because of that as well because among the kids in town, only Dopie run away everytime he saw hubby.

Dopie, if I am not mistaken, is my third or fourth degree nephew but we are very close to him and to his family. We love him so much and we are showing it to him in spite of the fact that he has that knot between his eyes. That knot was born with him. I can sense that sometimes he gets shy with that knot and he will probably be feeling more inferiority when he grows up.

We took him to the mall yesterday. He was so happy; I can see the happiness in his eyes. We bought him toys and clothes. Toys, of course, are the only happiness for little ones. I bought him some munches as well because I know he will be asking us one peso which he named “sinco” to buy candies and crackers. So, I stored the foods I got for him in the fridge and whenever he comes downstairs from asking hubby “sinco” I just ask him to buy candies and some munches inside the fridge. After he gets what he wants from the fridge, he is giving me the “sinco” (1 peso) as payment. It was cute.

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