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An overwhelming awards landed here in this blog brought by three great friends here in the blogosphere, Pinaymama of A Momma's Journal ,Pinay Survivor Mom of Tales from a Pinay Survivor Mom , Chelle of My Life's Journey in Italy and my new friend Meryl. Thank so much my new blogging friends for giving me all these awards. I am so glad I met amazing friends like the two of you.


Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers. I love my family.

***my answers***
1. I love God and I am thankful to Him for giving me the chance to live here in this world.
2. I love my family who are always there for me giving me comfort and love.
3. I love my hubby who always supports me with everything I do and continuously giving me back the love that I have for him.
4. I love my blogging friends for being real to me though we only met online. They made me feel the comfort of having real friends.
5. I love my computer for here is where i found my new bored quencher which is blogging and of course here is where I met my blogging friends who are for keeps.
6. I love my friends/classmates for always being there to help me with my school assignments.
7. I love my teachers for all the challenges they have given to me.

I would like to keep and enjoy these awards for myself this time. I have already given the same awards from my other blog given to me by Ate madz. Have a nice day to all of you.
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