Internet Disconnection

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First of all I would like to say thank you to all my blogging friends here who keep visiting this blog inspite of my absences. You must be wondering why I was absent for three days again. The reason was the internet connection. Believe it or not, we got disconnected because we were not able to pay our 3 months Internet bill. We were not thinking about it those days I was sick and when I got better we were over excited that it was again forgotten. Our Internet connection was disconnected last Friday and that day the Smart Wireless Center was close so we were not able to pay. So, we have no choice but wait until Monday. Just a while ago I was bitching on the telephone why I haven't got my connection back yet to think that I have paid already. Darn, I couldn't believe how I missed blogging a lot that I can't wait. Opps. Sorry, I missed my blogs and my blogging sisters and friends.

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