Special Women of My Life

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Happy Women's Day to all the women around the globe espcially to all my blogger friends here around the blogosphere. I am celebrating here in my page the special day of the three special women in my life. They are none other than my beloved mother and my two lovely sisters. I know my "thank you" is not enough to pay all the tender loving care my mother showered me when I was just a mere sucking baby until I have grown up into a disobedient teenager and have became a good adult with dreams and goals in life. Now that I am married, she kept recalling to me "Know what, when you were just a little one, I used to wake up in the middle of the night to check on you. I was not giving permission to any mosquitos to fly around you nor to touch even the tip of your hair. That's how much I love you." My mama kept telling me things about motherhood. She's sure I am going to be a mommy someday and she wants me to be ready for that serious and honorable responsibility. Thank you so much Ma for making my head straight and stay focused on the goals I have in my life. Thanks for being my inspiration; thank you for being my Mama. I love her so much with all my heart.

I would like to say thank you to my youngers sisters as well for being there for me always, not just being my sisters but also being my confidantes, my best friends. I remember way back when we were just little kids, we used to sing our favorite song with our only brother. The song that we used to sing, if going to be translated in English it goes like this: " We will be together thru the stream of life, We will be true friends for the rest of our lives." I am so honored for having these three special women in my life who are filling my world with joy and love.

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