Be A Chic Chubby

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Gaining weight is really frustrating especially if you are used to wearing your small-sized clothes and pants. You will miss wearing those clothes that fits your sexy and slender body pretty good. I actually gain a lot of weight for over two years and all the clothes and pants that I used to wear were now given to my sisters. Since I gain more weight now, I can no longer wear my old dresses and clothes. Lately, I went to the mall trying to find something that would interest me but I couldn’t find one. Those are just the same old styles I always see every time I go there.

Although gaining weight is such a frustration, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy and fashionable. Raise your eyebrow and put your chin up high because Simply Be is here that sells Womens Plus Size dresses, pants and more fashionable plus size clothes. You can visit the site yourself and be amazed with their amazing styles you will never be out fashioned. I actually had my pick, a pink Corsage Trim Dress. I like its satin ribbon and corsage tie belt complimenting the beauty of my two boastful humps and my chubby curve. It has a length of 45 inches with full polyester lining. The Corsage Trim Dress can simply turn me into a sexy chubby and chic.