Fasting on Maundy Thursday

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Yesterday (Maundy Thursday) was supposed to be the last heavy meal since today is Good Friday or Fast Day, meaning lesser or lighter amount of food intake, replacing meat into fish or as much as possible no meat at all but yesterday seemed to be our fasting day because my husband and I didn’t eat all day.

(It's me with Ate Chin)
We already know that we are going to be picked up at two in the afternoon by Ate Chin and Dennis (Thursday hangout owner) to go to Bud and Ate Melchie’s house in Polanco to spend our Maundy Thursday. Since my husband and I slept late on the Wednesday night, we got up as late as one in the afternoon. So, we only have an hour to fix ourselves. The problem was the water pressure; it took 30 minutes just to fill the bucket. So, we finally got ourselves ready when we thought of foods. We have to fill our stomachs with food before filling them with alcohol. It was 15 minutes before 2:00 pm when we almost finished cooking when our friends arrived. Shy of letting them wait, we decided to just chill the foods in the fridge and just skip lunch.

You know what time we get home? We get home almost midnight. My hubby was so drunk and hungry. Good thing I fought myself from drinking liquors today or else we were both drunk. I fixed hubby’s dinner and let him eat right away before I let him go to bed. It was a crazy, fun day (to be posted tomorrow)! Gotta go to bed now. Have a happy Holy Day to all!
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