Gifts and Orders Arrive Today

posted by Rechie L on


Yes, I received my gifts and my orders today from Ate Tammy though Ari21. Ate Tammy, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude here for giving me one of your precious collections, the heart-shaped jewelry box. It is so cute and pretty. I never expected that you would seriously do it. At first I thought she was only joking when she said that she will send me one. Now, it's already in my hands. Other than the jewelry keepsake, she also sent me a very beautiful KREATIV shirt with "I'm A Blogger" printed in front. I do love this shirt very much (wink). Wew, I am proud being a blogger even though my English sucks. Thank you so, so much ate Tammy. I do appreciate the thought of giving me this shirt as an additional gift. Click here for larger photos.

She also sent me my orders I purchased from her botique; Love Spell Cologne Spray and Endless Love Lotion from Victoria's Secret. If you want to buy girls' stuffs, just visit her sites: Forgetful Princess and Anything Under the Sun.

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