Meet Peanut

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Peanut is Ate Chin’s puppy. We visited our Thursday hang out and it simply means visiting Peanut as well. Since Ate Chin and her husband have no baby, they thought of getting a Shih Tzu. I never ask why, for how many years of being together, they were not able to produce one. Anyway, they have their cutie Peanut which they love and care like their real baby. Peanut is having her first menstruation today but I never hesitated to carry her and play with her. Check out this picture in the left taken by my hubby while I was playing cards. See how she behave and settled herself beside me. I missed her like how I missed my Sarah and she probably missed me too. The last time I saw Peanut, she was just like a Guinea Pig walking and running in the yard. She is fully grown up now. She stands about 9 or 10 inches. It is really their fully grown height; they never grow up more than that. Check out more photos below.

Now I am thinking of getting one. This kind of dog is nice to be around in the house. Our small house will be enough for a Shih Tzu to play around.
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