Bonding With My Sisters For A Week

posted by Rechie L on ,


My little sisters were here for a week. It's always nice to have them here in the house. Aside from the fact that I miss them, they can also help me with my household chores. I as well have somebody to talk to in my Visayan language. It's nice to stop my nose from bleeding for a while because even I am here in the Philippines, I still have to speak English because my husband is here. It is not that I don't want my husband here, of course, I do want him here. It's just that I want to rest from speaking English for some time and just talk and change jokes with sisters in our own language.

So, during those days that my little sisters were here, we spent time watching tv - (we actually are having F4 Fever: AGAIN!?), playing scrabble, and laughing with our simple everyday jokes, just like the old times. (In the picture above are my two lovely sisters.)

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