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I got a tag from Ate Pink of utotmopink. She is a new friend of mine and we have been talking through friendster. She has a pretty blog with nice and informative articles. Care to visit her blog if you can. I also got this tag from Denani. Thank you so much for this tag. So, here is the tag goes...

8 Things I'm looking Forward To

  • Getting a Visa card for my paypal account so I’ll be receiving payments and paying bills through it
  • Receiving more opportunities to write and to post
  • Finish enrolment before classes begin
  • Get my driver’s license before this month ends
  • Be motivated to go to school everyday
  • Be more energetic and smarter in school
  • Proceed to a 4-yr course this year
  • Getting pregnant
8 Things I did yesterday
  • I slept from 1 pm to 5 pm
  • I Cooked pork chop for dinner
  • I wrote an opp from PPP
  • I visited my pet in the Pet Society in Facebook
  • I smoked though I tried to stop myself, Tempation!
  • I watched “Tayong Dalawa”- abs-cbn tv series
  • I made a baby pink layout but accidentally deleted it, Darn!
  • Bloghopped and did ec drops
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
  • Get two courses at the same semester
  • Finish my English 12 subject this year
  • Stop smoking
  • Speak English fluently
  • Write a book
  • Finish my studies in two years
  • Go to states and travel nice places there
  • Be an expert in the kitchen
8 Shows I Watch
  • Tayong Dalawa
  • Bana Split-May Bukas Pa
  • Wowowee
  • Bubble Gang
  • CSI
  • FTV
  • American Idol

8 People I Tag

I hope you can come and grab this tag sisters. Happy blogging.