God Is Light

posted by Rechie L on


“I have come to the world as Light
so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”
John 12:46
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Today is my first participation to Word Filled Wednesday. I came up with the idea of posting my scripture card for WFW to my scrap-collection blog and my supporting message regarding the verse here. I hope this is acceptable.

So back to WFW. As I was reading the participants verses, the words strike me straight to the head and made me realize that I have deserted Him for a long time already without knowing it. I failed going to our church every Sunday for a long time now. I failed to call His name whenever I am in great happiness yet I kept calling Him when I am in need. So, with this, I hope this will help me deliver the words of God to mysel as well as to others.

As to my understanding to the verse I picked today, i believe that if we believe in God, we will not be living a life in darkness. As long as we believe in him, we are living a happy and contented life with Him. He never fails to give us light so we can see the right path we are leading to. He sparks us hope when we are at loss. He glints our hearts with joy when we are in vain. He flashes our minds with best and right decisions when we are confuse. Believe in God because He has been serving as our light..