What Is Your 1950's Name?

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I grabbed this from Grace of My Wedding Day. I found it interesting and since she is passing this tag to everybody, I thought of grabbing it. Why not? I want to know what my 1950's name too. I do have a fantasy name that if I was given power to talk to my mother right after she delivered me, I should have told her "ma, my name is Samantha Florin". Lol. Yes, that is the name that I fantasized since I started learning how to write but because of the fact that I already have a special name that my mother have given to me, I'll be keeping that fantasy name forever in my fantasy palace. LOL. So, here it is. If I had lived in the 1950's, my name would have been.....

Your 1950s Name is: Yvonne Virginia

I can't imagine how my recent name turn into something different as in Yvonne Virginia. Hmmn, the combination of my 1950's name is quite acceptable. Why not give my 1950's name to my future daughter? If i am going to have any. Feel free to join and play along. This is fun!

Here are the rules:
1. Take this quiz.
2. Post the result in your site.
3. Acknowledge My Daily Thoughts and Moods by writing her link in number one of your list, followed by yours and then proceed to link other friends whom you would like to know their names in 1950s. Go back to this page, to be added in the list and so you can copy and add to your list those who are listed here. Come on, make this a long list of fun. The first one has been done for you. My name in the 1950s is Gwendolyn Silvia, yikes, seems like I don't like my name, then. Try yours. This is a booster to increase our technorati, too.

1. Imelda (My Daily Thoughts and Moods) - Gwendolyn Silvia 2. Cecile (Down Home with the Kenyons) 3. Amiable Amy (Discover the Simplicity of my World) 4. Amy (Business Matters) 5. Amyat (Beyond Photography) 6. Grace (My wedding Day) 7. Rechie Ruth (Chuchieshideaway) - Yvonne Virginia 8. You are next......
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