Tantrum Attack!

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I didn’t feel ok since I got up this morning. I was very moody. I was even answering and talking to my husband bluntly. My mind is pretty occupied with anything; some are nonsense some are with sense. I want to do something but I don’t feel like doing. I get irritated easily with everything. Even the slow Internet connection didn't able to scape my irritability.

I sat on the computer trying to calm myself down yet I couldn't. I ended up watching my favorite Korean Show aired on ABS-CBN every Mon. to Fri. at 6:00pm entitled Boys Over Flowers. For that period of time I was able to manage a smile. I am still head over heels with those Fresh and Young Korean F4.

After watching that TV series, I switched on the radio and went back upstairs and sat back in front my computer to visit my blogger friends and do my everyday blog hopping. The connection was ok at that time so I continued with blog hopping. After few minutes, I get irritated listening to the talking DJ on the radio (we have radio speaker upstairs) so I went downstairs and switch the darn radio off and told hubby to not switch the radio on again until I will decide to go to bed. My brows have been knitted all day and to make the story short, today is not a very good day for me. But, although I am having trantrums, I still have to BLOG.

I do have a suspect in mind why I am being like this; I am going to have my red tide.

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