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Anne, the Sassy Chick herself awarded me this award. She is the sassy writer of SassyChick's World which recently turned 1 year old. Aside from the SassyChick's World, she also owns three more blogs: SassyChick's Mix N' Match, Anna's Alabama, ad Sassychick's Shangri-La.

What Sassy means?
A sassy girl is
- - - lively and spirited...
- - - stylish ; chic...
- - - smart ; wise...
- - - great style, fun, cute and funky...

Anne, thank you so much for spreading your sassy love to me and to all the awarded bloggers by giving us this heart-warming sassy award. Now, I can call myself sassy. I wish you more success in your blogging career. Congrats and more power to you and your blog!

I would as well like to thank Shy of Simple Happy Life for giving me this award too. Thanks for the thought sis Shy. I would like to pass this award to the following sassy blogger friends in my list.

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