Apology, Home Problem and Then Some

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First and foremost, I am thanking all my visitors for keeping this blog alive with your visits. Let me also take this oppurtunity (while I can) to voice out here my earnest apology to all my daily visitors and entrecard droppers for not corresponding your visits and drops for almost a week now. There were something more important to take care of than taking care of my blogs within that period of times.

I was multi-tasking. I was trying to fix our “now a broken home”. It was sad knowing that our mother left home, left dad and us. It was sadder knowing that we, the children were not able to do something to stop her. There are lots of rumors spreading the town that our mother left with her lover which we are trying not to believe. It may be true or it may be not but I, along with siblings say that we will only believe that rumors when we see it before our very eyes.

A broken home is actually not new to us, their children. It happened once way back in my younger days but it was dad who left home. I mean no, mom pushed dad to get out of the house. I didn’t know what the problem was back then; I didn’t fully understand what their fight was all about due to young age. Not used of having no father around the house, we, the children made a move for them to get back to each other. We succeed but this time, no. We do not even know where our mom is at right now.

Aside from getting busy with that problem, I was also trying to get an EON account in Union Bank in Iligan City because unfortunately, EON card is not available here in Dipolog. So, I went to Iligan last Sunday with my father. He insisted to travel with me to visit his brother in Iligan City as well. I was thinking that maybe he just wanted to get himself off from thinking about our mother. He just wanted to get away from our home to be able to quit thinking about that sad thing for a moment. Deep inside I know he is hurting and it hurt us more when he is trying to show his fake smile to us.

We came back home Monday night from Iligan. My father had a fever when we get home maybe because of the long hours of trip. Plus, he was suffering from Arthritis on our way to Iligan yet he didn’t tell me. So far, he is ok now under my care. He is here with us (hubby and I) right now and will stay here until he is fully recovered from Arthritis.

Still, up to this point of time, my mind is pretty full of thinking with what’s going on with our home, my card and my father being sick. This is exactly what life is and I am glad I am that strong for my father’s and siblings’ sake for I am their source of strength and light for now. I thank my hubby for always being here for me too giving me unfailing support. And of course, I thank God for being my only source of strength. Whatever He has in store for us, for our family, it is all in His hands and everything will go through according to His will.

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