A Fight Leads Me To Changing My Blog Header

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You must be wondering why I change my header and why I am still up. It is 3:27 am here now and I couldn't sleep. I feel bored and sad even I am in front of my computer. I am bored because I am the only one awake. I am sad because hubby and I had a fight, a serious mouth fight, maybe. I didn't feel like playing facebook applications either so I just played PowerPoint while dropping entrecards. I ended up forming a scrap layout which later on became a new header for this blog. I guess, if hubby and I didn't fight, this new header will not exist. Lol.

I am going to talk later about this so-called "serious fight" between me and my hubby. I need to force myself to sleep or else I won't have energy tomorrow for a more serious mouth fight.

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