Happy Birthday to Demcy Apdian-Diaz

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I know this is already late but let me greet you sis Demcy a belated happy birthday. I am a one lucky blogger for having a blogger friend like you. I am one of those hundreds and thousands of bloggers who are touched by your warmth. Your friendship, your kindness is one of a kind and is indeed a treasure worth to be kept. I am so glad that blogging aside from friendster have connected us.
I would like to thank you for helping me getting started with blogging. Yes, Demcy is my very first blogging mentor. I started blogging actually on the year 2007 but I was still confused at that time about this blogging thing. I didn’t know how to move and what to do around the blog sphere. Thank God I met Demcy on frienster site. If I am not mistaken, it was somewhere on June or July 2008. Without Demcy’s help, this blog is a one blank page on your screen. Demcy is also the woman behind the dollars in my PayPal account. She introduced and helped me to start earning money with my blogs. Thank you so much sis Dhemz. I owe all my blogging success to you.

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