I Finally Receive My First Bux from Google

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After 6 months or more, Google finally sent me my first payout after reaching the payment threshold last month. I was so happy when I checked my Google Adsense account yesterday, Saturday, and saw the details of the issued payment. It was sent on the 25th this month through Western Union Quick Cash and I just got the money yesterday because I just checked my Google account yesterday. Besides, I no longer expect that I am going to be paid knowing about some Google Adsense users being disabled. So, I was really surprised.
I went to get the money right away. That was the only way to check if the money is really there. There was a funny thing happened while I was in the Western Union. Or, I don’t know if you find it funny or not, but for me it was. After filling up the receiver’s form and after handling it to the clerk, the clerk asked me what my relation to the sender is. I missed filling that blank up so I told her “business partner I guess.” Since it was my first time receiving money from them, I do not really know but that’s the closest relation I can think of between me and the Google Inc. What do you guys think? Is it right?

The clerk looked up on me straight to the eyes doubtful to write down what I said. She asked me again about what Google is? I was surprise why those people in the Western Union know nothing about Google while even when I was in high school and started using computer I already knew that Google is what I used for searching things and stuffs on the Internet. I even remember clicking on Google ads before.

I tried to explain to her about what Google is. To let her understand, I told her that I have blog sites and I am running Google ads and that money they sent is their payment to me for placing their ads on my blog sites. Still, she didn’t get it and asked me again if I am chatting to Google. That question really irritated me but I stayed calm. I understand that not too many people in this small city I am living at know about blogging and making money online. Besides, the person I was talking to don’t need to make money online because she is clerk, she has a stable job. I took a deep breath and sigh trying to think of something for her to understand. She might think she got me irritated; she went to ask the other clerk. After that, she sat back on her chair, in front her computer and gave the money to me. When I checked on my receiver’s form, she wrote on the blank [Sender is my: FRIEND].

Thank you so much to Google Inc. and to all my visitors for your support to my sites. To Google, I am hoping to contiue doing business with you.

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