Photohunt #19: Surprise

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Today's Photohunt theme is "Surprise". The first thing that popped in my head was the surprise proposal of marriage that my husband did on his first visit in my humble hometown. We met for the first time in Manila and broke up after 10 days. Horrible, isn't it? So, during that time he proposed, our hearts were still fresh from reconciliation. We've been talking on the phone and on the Internet about us but not personally so when he proposed right when we reached at my parent's home it sent a sudden shock to nerves. I was like, w-t-h! We haven't even talked personally about us and I am not done fighting with you yet! You've hurt me! But to be honest, it was like a sweet melody and so I answered yes with teary eyes after few minutes of silence. Lol, I still remember how nervous he was when his shaking hands put the ring on my finger. He got me in surprise!

The Picture:
The ring in the picture is my second engagement ring. Hubby surprised me with that ring after he knew I lost my first ring in the sea. The ring in the picture is maybe now silently dwelling under the ground with the majestic file of poop after it accidentally(unnoticed) slipped down from my finger while taking a shower. I suspected that maybe it fell down in the toilet bowl. I noticed that I lost my ring the next morning while taking a shower. Hubby bought me another engagement ring before we get married but I am keeping it now. I wear it only when I go out.

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