The Reason Of Our Fight

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I implied about the reason why I changed my blog header last night. The reason was getting bored being awake alone the whole night which was the cause of the main reason, the fight that my husband and I had earlier that night. It didn’t make me sleep. I am not really used of sleeping with a heavy heart. Thinking about mom left home even gives me sleepless nights and the fight last night added the load to my heavy heart. I know my husband can’t sleep with a heavy heart too that’s why we don’t go to bed without fixing our problems but not last night. Lying on our bed alone, I tried closing my eyes trying to catch sleep but I didn’t. So I just stayed up until sunshine.

The reason of our fight actually was very shallow. The reason was because of me not supporting my husband giving the rudeness back to our rude neighbor. This is what happened: A day before yesterday, hubby got up early to cut the grass in our little garden when suddenly two maids from the next unit approached hubby saying their employer wants us to take our plants down from the 5” tall wall that separates our garage to theirs because according to their employer, the plants make their wall dirty.

My husband gets mad because for him it was rude. If they are having issues with our plants, why don’t they personally talk to us and instead they want us to obey their maids. “I don’t take orders from the maids. Besides, nobody owns that wall!” That was my husband’s line. For me, I see no problem with it. I can take our pots down right at that moment without buts. Besides, the maids said that their employer said “please”. My husband stopped me when I started reaching for the pots.

It was when the fight between me and my husband started. Both of us then started yelling and throwing bad words at each other. My husband, due to madness didn’t able to stop himself from throwing nasty and unacceptable American words on me that really made me mad. At that moment I was mad with my husband and the people next door. I went outside the house when I heard the rude neighbors coming home and took the pots down from that wall and throw and broke it all down on our garage. I let them see me did it and whatever their reactions and their thoughts at moment was something I care so much. I want them to think that this small Rechie Ruth can be as a$$ as they are. Right then and there I told my self that my husband's wish came true. I supported his rudeness and I was giving those neighbors back their rudeness back. I couldn’t believe that those pots and those rude people next door could be the bottom line of our fight.

Hubby and I didn't talk after that. We both went upstairs and conquered a room. I locked myself up with our room of course; it is where our computers are at. He didn't bother to knock me on my door; he knows I am not going to open it after the words he had said.

Well, I see my husband’s point. He was mad because it was not the first time they showed their butts to us. The first time was when we were having a house remodeling last year. My husband parked our bikes to the garage of the next unit, to our right since that unit was vacant at that time. As in nobody’s living there yet. Our own garage at that time was full with construction equipments and stuffs so hubby got no choice but park the bikes there. Later that day, our rude Chinese neighbor knocked us up and said “Take your bikes out from that vacant garage; I am going to park my car there.” Geez! But my husband said ok and parked our bikes in the little space that’s left in our own garage but I know he was holding himself from yelling at that rude Chinese creature thinking we are new in the neighborhood.

Well, hubby and I are ok now. He asked apology with what he did that night first thing yesterday morning. I accepted it of course because I do understand him. That night was one of his hot-blooded moments. Also, beware having rude creatures living next to you guys. Have a great day!
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