Sunday Stealing: The Alpha Meme

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It is time to be a theft again pal. Don't you want to be a meme theft like me? If you want, just click on the banner below to join and have fun.

My roommate and I once: tried to make a baby but didn't able to make. (hubby is my roommate, of course)
Never in my life have I: been to US.
High school was: full of fun. If only I can turn back time even just for a day, I will.
When I’m nervous: I hardly breath and can't talk straight.
My hair: is long, straight, black and healthy.
When I was 5: I went to a daycare school with a feeding bottle. I remember, I was the center of tease because I was old enough for feeding bottle.
When I turn my head left: I see a dwarf refrigerator.
I should be: taking a bath right now, I feel so dirty.
By this time next year: I hope that I'll be facing a computer inside my work office not in my home office.
My favorite aunt is: Aunt Ly. She knows how to get along with others; she's great.
I have a hard time understanding: why we fart.
You know I like you if: I smile at you.
My ideal breakfast is: coffee and bread (pandesal)
If you visit my home town: you better ready yourself with a simple life. My hometown has no nice restaurants, no hotels and no nice places to visit but only nice people.
If you spend the night at my house: you can sleep at my youngest sister's room. She can give it up for visitors and sleep with her Ate Chem.
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: buffaloes. I am curious how would they look like if they can fly.
I shouldn't have been: wasting my college days hanging out friends. I should have focused on my studies instead.
Last night I: sleep late again because of blog hopping, ec dropping and FB playing.
A better name for me would be: Samantha Florin. I always fantasize this name. So my full name would have been Samantha Florin Javier Lopez + Wilks.
I’ve been told I look like: my father. Of Course!
If I could have any car, it would be: beetle. I love it.

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