Another Typhoon That Is Predicted To Hit Philippines Today

posted by Rechie L on


Hello brothers and sisters here in blog land! I would like to say sorry for not being able to blog hop to your blogs today. Hubby and I was invited to attend a wedding today and when we get home I was so darn exhausted that I went straight to bed. Just an hour ago I got up and went to check on the storm tracker map and saw the storm getting real close to the Philippines. This storm is actually predicted to hit Philippines today. Check on the map below.

See the map in a live action here.

I really do hope that this storm is not as bad as the storm we have encountered recently. This can be worst, this can be not. So please let us all pray for our safety. Prepare everything you'll be needed during this storm. Prepare the safety measures for you and your family's safety. That's all we can do. We cannot stop the storm!

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