Couple's Corner #2: The Day/Night We Met

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It is time for couples to come together again at Couple's Corner. I am sorry sis Liz for the delay of my post. I was not able to do my post for this meme earlier because I accompanied my sister to the doctor for her eye checkup. I told hubby about our topic today though and asked him to do his part in writing about his thoughts about our first meeting. I simply don't like speaking for him. Besides, it is nice that everything would come out from his heart. Anway, today we will be talking about how we met our husbands. The first meeting with my husband was something planned but unplanned. I mean, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. Anyway, here is how I am going to explain it.

Rodliz’s Nest
This is how we met.....

After almost four months of talking online and over the phone, I finally met my husband on September 2, 2006 around 9:00 p.m. something. I never really expected he was coming. I mean, it’s not too easy for me to believe on something unless it is really happening. So, when he called me saying he was at the airport in Manila on September 02, 06 at 5:00 p.m., I was like “is he joking or something”? The phone he was using to call was Philippines number so I thought he was really there. He told me that he was waiting for hours already hoping to see me picking him up at the airport. It was also convenient because I was in Manila staying at one of my aunts.

Since I was shock knowing it was true, I told him to just go ahead and wait for me at the hotel room we picked online. Yeah, he asked me to help him out with picking a nice hotel to stay and basing on the pictures he showed me online I chose a little cozy and of course comfy hotel. So there he went to the hotel and waited for me until 9:00. Yes, I showed up at 9 something in the evening because I was really hesitant to come and see him. I was nervous and shy and excited at the same time for our first meeting. I was wondering how will I talk to him, how will I move and act in from of him. There were lots of questions in my head like “is he approachable?”, “is he a good person?”, “is he picky?”, “will I be safe?”, and “will he ever like me” or "will he run upon seeing me"? So, I finally made up my mind and decided to meet him although I knew it was not ok for my aunts especially my grandma to go out the house at night.

When I arrived, I recognized him sitting at the steps outside the hotel and Wow, he was young and very manly with broad shoulders, very muscular, army cut and so handsome and well-groomed. I’ve seen his photos on the internet but seeing him personally was really breath taking. I never expected seeing as handsome as him and with a smile on his lips, who could not fall in love with this man? I was darn nervous and sweaty. I could feel my sweats dripping down from my armpit, no kidding. After that, we went up to the hotel room and started introducing ourselves over our foods and few bottles of San Miguel beer. I got all my questions answered, he easily got me at eased with him. He is a good man, I sensed it the way he uses his words. He is a respectable person, a husband material. I sensed he was nervous too and shaking and I also knew that he was trying not to be by opening a conversation to talk about. It was really nice sharing stories with him. Next to that, we started kissing and hugging each other. So yes, I slept at his hotel that night and the next morning we went together to see my aunts. Woot!

Hubby's thoughts about our first meeting…
(Hubby wrote this while I was taking a nap this afternoon.)

Wow, the day I finally met Chie, I was really excited
knowing I was going to finally met her after several months of talking on messenger as well as talking on the phone with her. The day I landed in Manila I was really nervous, for she was to meet me at the airport there. LOL! Well she wasn't their waiting for me as planned (she thought I wasn't really coming). So I called her and told her I was here and I could tell she was freaking because I really did come after all. So I waited for her at the hotel she helped me pick out. It was really a nice room, almost like a studio apartment, kitchen and all.

So I spent the next several hours waiting for her in the room, which made it worse just waiting. Heck, after all she was supposed to have been waiting on me, lol. So when she called me and said she was near I waited for her outside the hotel, I was really nervous now, like palm sweaty nervous at that. I already knew she was beautiful and had a nice body from the pictures we shared. However seeing someone in person for the first time with the natural beauty as hers made it more nerve racking for me. I mean she was what a guy dreams of, but with a heart of gold and the will to learn.

Now she had also warned me before that she was small, but most Filipino’s are so it wasn't going to bother me. When she got out of the cab I was like WOW, not only was she small but dam sexy and well proportioned and very beautiful. I mean nice round butt and over average boobs for her height. However the thing I remember the most was her eyes and the way it intensified her beauty. She was being so shy and nervous, but yet still looking at me. As I took her in my arms and hugged and kissed her, it was from that day with our eyes still clued to each other I knew she was going to be my wife.

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