Couple's Corner #3: We're InLove

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You will never see a person’s worth until you lost her/him. You will never realize how much you love the person until he/she is gone. Love is Sweeter the second time around.” These are the sentences that fit right to how we fully realized how much we love each other. You must be asking why, so here’s what happened.

Note: This is hard for us (hubby and I) to be telling almost everything here but I insisted because this is what this blog is for.

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Hubby (Gary) and I had a break-up when we personally met the first time due to conflicts in the relationship. I mean, we met on Sept. 02, 06 and had a break up on Sept. 10, 06. It was my entire fault and I took the blame for what happened. He did a great job in giving the fault back to me for I was really hurt with what he did ten times than the pain I’ve caused him but I couldn’t blame him for doing so. The greatest fault I did I guess was when I didn’t or actually when I forgot to tell hubby about my very first online boyfriend that I haven't met yet who, at the time I considered ex because we didn't have communication for almost a year. My ex and I have been chatting for two years before I met Gary so i considered the "ex" as "ex". But mother of all bad luck, the ex called saying he wanted to meet me while I was in Boracay with Gary after almost a year of not hearing from him. I just couldn't believe how I/we was/were tested above because after my ex called, Gary's ex also called him. For me it was not a big deal but I didn’t think it was a big deal to Gary for not telling him about my ex but oh well, it was! That’s when conflicts and my pains started. He started corresponding to the calls and text messages of his 32 year-old ex-gf from Cebu behind my back having a purpose of hurting me I guess. Well, he succeed. One day, I read a text massage from the ex-gf saying she will be in Boracay the next day. I was like “wow” what a big slap on my face. I felt so stupid for being fooled. I was darn innocent at 19 and I felt I was played.

We both were aware how much we loved each other even by talking online and on the phone. We even loved each other more when we personally met but I guess the foundation of our love was not strong enough that’s why it was easily torn down. Since I was a little immature, I didn’t able to handle the conflicts with my husband. I left Boracay and him and flew back to Manila to avoid more conflicts of meeting his ex-gf. God, there were lots of sleepless nights after that. I started having remorsement for not fighting for us. There were lots of tears and pains to endure. I cried everytime I get the chance when family’s not around. I thought it was the end of the world thinking I couldn’t see him no more but I was wrong because he asked me to take him to the airport. Of course, he have to, he left his plane ticket to me. Plain stupid, isn’t he? I was excited seeing him again but I know there was no way for us to be back together and I had no plan to accept him back either. I do have my pride. I was surprised though why he held my hand tight the whole trip to the airport and kissed me before he got out of the taxi. It was weird but I liked it.

Life went on. After 3 months of having no communication with him I was able to put myself back together. Life was back to normal not until I received an instant message from him on yahoo saying “I feel that you are pregnant with my baby.” It was too late. I had an abortion a week before I read the message. That’s how we started contacting each other again. He requested me to go back to my hometown (Manukan, somewhere in Mindanao). I granted him that. When he arrived for the first time in Mindanao to meet my parents, we stopped first at our hotel room and there he was, down on his knees, teary eyes uttering words of forgiveness, of how much he cried when he realized his lost, of how much he prayed God to give me back to him. He asked for my love again and I granted him that too. I blamed it to my heart for I do love him dearly. He just failed to realize how much that love was when we first met. We then started all over gain, but the love for each other still remained because we've been in loved and will always be.

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