Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around

posted by Rechie L on


Love is sweeter the second time around. That was the line I repeatedly heard from the host at the wedding venue last week. That line was for the newlyweds. They are both widowers at their late 40s. The bride is my mother’s god sister. Actually, we never expected that we will be invited. I mean my husband and me. Our family is close to theirs so I knew my parents will be one of the recipients of the invitation cards. The wedding was a simple one yet it was the solemnity and the purity of love that counts. It was more on family gathering with few selected friends.

The story of the newlyweds captured my interest. They were actually high school sweethearts. When they both graduated, they studied in different colleges that caused their part ways until each of them got married. After 30 years, they met again by accident. They were then both widows. The withered flowers of love that were dwelling in their hearts bloom again after 30 years. They reminisced back the love they felt until they came up of the decision of getting married. Oh, love really moves in mysterious ways.

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