My Life's Readings for Today

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I just feel like sharing this with you pals. I am quite bored here after surfing all the web addresses I need to surf. I haven't slept yet since last night. It seems like I am having insomnia attack again and the coke is not helping at all. So ok, here is my life readings for today.
Daily Horoscope [Capricorn]
Apparently a feeling of urgency fills the air later in the day, Capricorn, as an unexpected or maybe unknown problem arises and upsets everyone. You will have to make an adjustment of some sort as the result of whatever drama ensues, and its possible that there may be a break in communication with someone, or that something needs to be done about telephone or internet services. If someone is trying to get you involved in a hasty or ill-conceived plan of theirs, don't worry, it will fall apart before it can be put into action, just as you predicted.

My Love Horoscope
An air of independence is on your mind today, Capricorn, and this may lead to some changes in your romantic affairs. You are feeling like a change is in order, and are finding a need for freedom today. This will not come in the way of major relationship or romantic changes, but you may simply need some freedom from your current day to day regime of romance. You may have an interest in trying new and different things, or simply mixing up the routine a little bit. Your thoughts are intense and penetrating right now, and you will become passionate about these ideas. When you are given energy this intense, the universe is signaling a time for change. Use it wisely today, and you will find success on the romantic front in a very surprising way.

My Fortune Cookie
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu
I got this daily readings by the way at one of the applications in facebook. I'll see if this unknown problem will really arise today. Lol! Have a great Tuesday to you all!
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