Sunday Stealing: The Magical Mystery Tour Meme

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1. Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?
My haters in town who love talking about my life.
2. How do you flush the toilet in public?
It the flusher is broken, i guess i have to use a pail of water from the faucet.
3. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?
It is a must for your safety so yes!
4. Do you have a crush on someone?
No. My husband bagged it all.
5. Name one thing you worry about running out of.
6. What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble?
My father
7. What is your favourite pizza topping?
pepperoni, pineapple, Parmesan cheese
8. Do you crack your knuckles?
yes esp. after doing something stressful to the hands
9. What song do you hate the most?
....i better not mention
10. Did just mentioning that song make it get stuck in your head?
yes, and I hate it when it happens
11. What are your super powers?
The power to sense insincere and plastic people. You know, those people who are trying to be friendly to you but when you turn your back they are sticking their tongue out on you. Well, I actually befriend my haters and I have lots in my circle of friends.
12. Peppermint or spearmint?
13. Where are your car keys?
still in the car!
14. Last song you listened to?
15. What's your most annoying habit?
smacking when eating green mangoes dip in salted fish (can't help it)
16. Where did you last go on vacation?
17. What is your best physical feature?
My hubby said "my honey bunnies(butt) and my baby cakes(boobies)"
18. What CD is closest to you right now?
recordable cd
19. What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator?
coke, chocolate cookies, and sting energy drink
20. What superstition do you believe/practice?
Don't cut your nails at night -you are calling dead people.
21. What colour are your bed sheets?
yellow orange, gray, navy blue, white
22. Would you rather be a fish or a bird?
bird ( sing with me: i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky)
23. Last thing you broke?
my N95 phone (I threw it away the last time hubby and I fought. I broke the LCD)
24. What are you having to eat tonight?
fried pork's easy to cook.
25. What colour shirt are you wearing?
26. If you could be doing anything else today, what would you rather be doing

sleeping but I have to steal "Sunday Stealing"
27. Do security cameras make you nervous?
28. If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
Rechie and Her Unleashed Secret
29. Last time you went to a cemetery?
Lolo's Burial (eh this question gives me goosebumps)
30. Last concert you went to?
6 cycle mind
31. Favourite musician(s)/bands you've seen in concert?
I would love to see Spice Girls Live. They are still my favorite.
32. Next concert you're planning to attend?
33. Do you talk to yourself?
when i am in need to make a fast decision.
34. Have you ever adopted or purchased a pet?
Yes, I named her Sarah. She's a breed of Labrador and golden retriever but we gave her away, she is too spastic to handle not to mention the fact that she grew bigger than me.
35. Have you ever been present when an animal is being born?
Yes, actually animalsss....puppies.

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