Couple's Corner #5: The Day We Said "I Do"

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I am late again. So sorry Mommy Liz, we had a community meeting earlier and I actually almost forgot Couple's Corner today. Hehe..hubby and I are celebrating because hubby was elected as Orchid Villas PIO after declining the Vice President Position. I was glad I was able to look at the calendar tonight and realize it is Wednesday. So, our topic for today in Couple's Corner is "The Day We Said I Do".
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Hubby and I went through a lot of headaches before we finally said I do. We even postponed the original date of our wedding day due to unpreparedness. Supposedly, our wedding date was April 28, 2008 but we moved it to May 08, 2008. Gosh, just remembering those days as we get nearer and nearer to the 2nd and final date of the wedding even give me headache. The thing that really made me mad was when we give our first wedding planner a visit 2 days before the wedding because I was so excited to see my wedding gown but it ended up a day of disappointment. The wedding gown they showed us was unfinished (they were still beading when we showed up) and the cloth and materials they used was not in our list. Plus everything needed for the wedding like, the invitation cards and giveaways were not ready. They didn’t meet our expectation and they didn’t do their job as to what they were told and according to the prize they were paid. I remember how upset Gary was because he was the one who chose the design of my gown on the catalog for me. He was also the one who chose the cloth, the cut, the length and the materials. So, he was really disappointed.
I was really upset too of course. Actually, I was mad because we started the planning all over again with the help of the owners of La Rhyka Video! I wanted it to be the most perfect day of my life yet I was rushing. I felt like I was the ugliest bride that day because 4 hours before the wedding ceremony I was still rushing to send the unsent invitations and the reception ticket. Gosh, it was darn exhausting but yet I have to eat a quick snack, take a quick bath, dry myself up and finally face the make-up artist. My make-up artist was none other than my gay friend. He is the only one I trusted. He is the only one who can transform my simple face into an alluring goddess. Joking! But really, hubby liked my make-up a lot on my wedding day. My gay friend did a great job. Anyway, despite all those headaches we went through, hubby and I still said “I do” on May 18, 2008 at the Mother of Perpectual Help Parish Church in Manukan at around 5 in the afternoon. The wedding started at 4:00 pm and ended around 5:30 pm.

Here is the bride (yours truly) and her parents.

Here is the groom saying "mano po pa"/ "bless ko pa" to my papa.
Hubby is now naturally doing it everytime mama and papa visit us
or if we visit them just like Filipinos do.

Here is the Mother of Perpetual Help Church in Manukan (my hometown). I do give my special thanks to the people behind the decorations of the church and the reception for giving us their best. I love these gold jars on the sides of the red carpet and the two giant gold post at the altar. That was the decorators idea and we loved it.

After the wedding ceremony and the picture taking was the party time. The wedding reception then followed which was at the Manukan Sports Center. We had a total of 400 guests and a LOT of Gatecrashers. And honestly, I yelled and cussed on stage on my wedding day. Who would not be mad seeing a lot of people you do not know on at the wedding reception? I blamed it to the gate men. Ok, cut the heat Chie hehehe. Here are some photos compiled for you. Just click on the photo to view larger.

Hubby spent quite a lot not to mention the first payment we paid/wasted to the first wedding planner. We started the planning all over again and did within a day and a half. Hubby spent twice for the wedding but I never heard anything from him. It was when I finally measured how much he loves me. He wanted to marry me and that was all that matters to him. What can I say?

To those who are planning to get married, especially the ladies. Make sure to find a trustworthy wedding planner. Or better yet, plan your own wedding, ask your aunt or someone in the family who knows about planning a wedding to avoid being scammed. You know, some (not all) Filipinos see lots of dollars on the Foreigner's forehead. My husband was one of the victims, don't let your husband-to-be an addition to the victim's list.

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