Couple's Corner #6: First Year of Marriage

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Our first year of marriage was great and very challenging at the same time. We just actually had our first year wedding anniversary last May 18, this year. The great part in the first year of our
marriage was we were able to enjoy each other and get to know each other more and more deeply. We have shown to each other our best and worst; the attitudes that were not shown during our engagement period. The best thing is that there was acceptance which is really great! We accept each other’s worst and enjoy each other’s best. Above all, it is great to be addressed as Mrs. Wilks or simply “the wife”. You know that feeling of being your beloved man’s wife? It is like a sweet melody hearing it. It is what most girls are dreaming of; to carry the name of the man they love. I fulfill that dream of mine already but there is one dream that hubby and I haven’t fulfill yet, that is to be called as “parents”.

I also get to fully understand why my parents gave me a “comment” before I fully decided to marry Gary. I get to fully understand that a married life is kind of a challenge most especially being married to a foreigner. A challenge on how far you can go, you can give, you can stand, you can understand, you can face life’s trials and play life as a team and on how far you can forgive each other’s mistakes. It is also a challenge to one’s personality, on how you are going to stay true and faithful to your spouse and to yourself. I get to fully understand that a married life is not all about sunshine, it is also about sunrise.

I know there are still lot of things to learn for me being a married woman, there are still more trials to face and obstacles to pass but I know I can get through it all with my husband.

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