Couple's Corner #7: First Misunderstanding

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Our very first misunderstanding actually happened during the first meeting. We've been together for 8 days. It was on the 8th day which was Sept. 10, 06 that the misunderstanding can no longer be fixed or can no longer be controlled. That misunderstanding lead us to our break-up. I actually wrote about it on my previous post. Here it is:

Hubby (Gary) and I had a break-up when we personally met the first time due to conflicts in the relationship. I mean, we met on Sept. 02, 06 and had a break up on Sept. 10, 06. It was my entire fault and I took the blame for what happened. He did a great job in giving the fault back to me for I was really hurt with what he did ten times than the pain I’ve caused him but I couldn’t blame him for doing so. The greatest fault I did I guess was when I didn’t or actually when I forgot to tell hubby about my very first online boyfriend that I haven't met yet who, at the time I considered ex because we didn't have communication for almost a year. My ex and I have been chatting for two years before I met Gary so i considered the "ex" as "ex". But mother of all bad luck, the ex called saying he wanted to meet me while I was in Boracay with Gary after almost a year of not hearing from him. I just couldn't believe how I/we was/were tested above because after my ex called, Gary's ex also called him. For me it was not a big deal but I didn’t think it was a big deal to Gary for not telling him about my ex but oh well, it was! That’s when conflicts and my pains started. He started corresponding to the calls and text messages of his 32 year-old ex-gf from Cebu behind my back having a purpose of hurting me I guess. Well, he succeeded. One day, I read a text massage from the ex-gf saying she will be in Boracay the next day. I was like “wow” what a big slap on my face. I am the gf here, am I not? I felt so stupid for being fooled. I was darn innocent at 19 and I felt I was played. And so we broke up.
It was a serious misunderstanding isn't it? It was before marriage. Now that we are husband and wife, there is no week that we don't have misunderstanding. Just little things but our pride can make those little things big. Mostly, the reasons of our misunderstanding are: (1.) our hot head, (2.) he doesn't help me with chores like washing the dishes, (3.) when i get too impatient or upset with little things and then i start opening my mouth,  (4.) he opens his mouth back on me, (5.) we both have mouths of a parrot.

Ok, back to the first misunderstanding being a married couple.  The first misunderstanding happened the night after our wedding celebration. We were on our way back to our apartment at that time to pack our things for our Palawan honeymoon when I asked him why he didn't answer my call when I called him at 4 am on our wedding day. He answered "ahmm baby, you know I am still sleeping during that time." It was a useless question, I know but I remember the deal we made before that when each of us call, we will answer the phone after the first ring. Remembering it made me more mouthy and then he got mad.

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