Malware Attack Maybe!

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Early in the morning yesterday of around 3:30, I was freaking with what happened to my computer.  Everything on my computer screen was frozen for some reason I didn't know. Even my mouse. There was no way to shut the computer down properly because it was not letting me do it,  I didn't do anything for 30 minutes and waited for again another 30 minutes. Still everything's frozen.  What I did was switch the computer off directly to the UPS.  I hate doing it but I had to so I can restart the computer.  When I switched the computer back on, I was directed to a Startup Windows Fixer saying there is a problem with Windows. I followed the instructions of the computer but after doing numerous startup fixing, it still didn't work. It just let me do it over and over again yet nothing happened.

I was really freaking thinking my computer was totally crashed and can't be used again. Suddenly, the recovery disks popped in my head.  I inserted the CD and there I was starting the reformat. I was anxiously waiting for the result hoping I am doing it right. I was so happy that everything went well when the reformatting is done although everything on my drive C: the saved documents, PowerPoint presentation, the blogger layout and scrap layouts, the music are all gone.

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