Broken Gadgets Last Year 09

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My Sony Cybershot DSC-W200 is not working right after we used it on the 2009 Christmas Eve.  The problem maybe is the charger because the battery won't  charge. It could be the battery also. Well, I really do not know unless I'll get it checked. And getting it checked means travelling to Cebu being the nearest from here because we don't have digital camera fixers here in this small city we are living at. It make me so frustrated thinking I cannot upload our Christmas photos because this camera needs a charged battery for it to work using USB on my computer.  I can use the memory stick adapter but the problem is, I lost it.

Hubby "big baby" Olympus E-500 is having the same problem with my Sony DigiCam since November 09.  Either the battery or Charger is the problem. The last thing we can do is to buy new battery and charger for it. We've been searching for its battery and charger online and found what we need already. I do hope "big baby" will work soon to help me taking more beautiful photos. This is one of the best gadgets we have aside from the lappys.  This is my best friend in taking very awesome photos.

Here is my 3G N95 phone, my fourth phone after I lost the last 3 phones. The 3rd phone was left at the tricycle, 2nd was lost at the church during my wedding and the first was stolen. Hubby said this is my last phone so I was really taking good care of this but after I accidentally dropped it, I couldn't read the text messages no more.  It still works, yes, but I broke the LCD.  It's been 5 months and until now, I am still waiting for the new LCD for this phone.  I ordered it 2 days after I dropped the phone.  I didn't know it is that hard and it is that long for the LCD to arrive.

>>>>The photos were taken using hubby's Nikon COOLPIX S500. I am glad we still have one working camera left.
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