CC: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

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(Warning: The photos enclosed in this post are corny and cheesy!)

Wow, the topic today is quite corny, yes but hell, we’re in love. Who cares? I love youS? We’ve been eating this magic sentence since the first time we met and up to this very day. I am just too lucky to have such a loving, caring, respectful, trusting, trustworthy and sweet husband who never fails to show his love and affection towards me either inside our home or in the middle of the crowd. His faith and devotion was proven and tested. It is beyond words, in spite of my undesirable behavior sometimes. Just like what he said, he loves me beyond infinity and my worst cannot infect it.

Being corny is really a part of a relationship. I sometimes get so corny towards my husband and him towards me as well. Lately, we found it so awkward to utter corny words such as (1) I love you always and forever or I will always love you, (2) I love you baby beyond infinity, (3) you are the air I breath therefore, you are my life and everything I am, and (4) I love you buang, so so sobra. Those are just some of the magical and corny words we used to say. It feels so awkward to say these words already though, especially in this point of our lives where we passed the “NEW LOVERS” moment of corniness. Sometimes, saying “I love you always and forever baby” gives me goose bumps. It is just ucckk, cheesy! To hubby, sometimes he is shy to say it to me for he knows I’ll just tell him “corny”. I am thinking maybe because we see, kiss and hug each other everyday and we both know the love is still 100% even with the absence of those cheesy words.

Well our topic today make me smile because every day in our married life, I am hearing my husband asking me closely the same question every time we are on bed to go to sleep. His version is “Baby, did I tell you that I love you today?” Then I count how many times he said “I love you” and tell it to him or sometimes joke at him by saying “no” in a pity voice. Those are one of the corny moments we have being husband and wife. The corny sentence that we are using until now is “I love you buang, so so sobra!”. Although we are not using some of those corny and magical words we used to say back when we were new lovers having a long distance relationship, we are still that couple who was named as "the sweetest couple" by the Filipina-Foreigner couples here in Dipolog City.

Anyway, the question that I need to answer for the topic today is “When was the last time I look at my husband’s eyes and told him how much I love him and mean it?” The last time I look at my husband’s eyes and told him I love him was few minutes ago when he woke up. Actually, I woke him up. Lol. That’s what I do when I wake up earlier than him. I was lying next to him, watching him sleep and playing his nose. I thought of all the good things he have shared with me, those happy memories of ours together before we stepped up to the couple's pedestal and everything he went through just to win my heart.  He woke up and I told him that I love him from the bottom of my heart with full of sincerity. I kissed him after I said it as proof that I mean it!

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