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Today's topic in Couple's Corner is "How Well Do We KNow Each Other". Hmmn? How well do I know my husband and how well does my husband know me? Was 1 year of engagement long enough for us to know each other very well that we ended up saying I do? Is 1 year and 8 months long enough for us to know each other very well being husband and wife? Those years may not be long enough for us to know each other very well but we do have something to share for this topic today.  We both know, there will be more best and worst to show and more characters to discover from each other as we go farther to our journey being a couple.

How Well Do I Know My Husband?
1. He doesn't like hearing me smacking while eating.
2. He hates the smell of my favorite salted fish and fried dried fish. When I am frying dried fish, he goes upstairs, get inside our room and close the door. He stays inside until I am done frying.
3. He doesn't like the taste of peppers.
4. He can eat with hands, with his foot up on the chair.
5. He is a PC/Xbox game addict.
6. He hates Jollibee's burger dressing.
7. He is a good person but he can be an a$$ if you push it.
8. When he walks away in the middle of our fight, I know he is trying to calm himself down.
9. He doesn't like vinegar.
10. Advil is his top pain reliever.
11. He likes gardening and fishing.
12. He doesn't like me wearing plunging neckline top but he can't say don't if I am already wearing it.
13. He loves collecting comic books and movies.
14. He loves Korn, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails and Godsmack music.
15. He is a very generous, caring, loving, sweet and tolerating husband.

How Well Do I know My Wife Rechie/Chuchie/ChieWilks? [hubby's revelations]
1. She likes dried fish
2. She loves eating boiled bananas with salted fish (uckkk)
3. She rather be with family when it comes to going out
4. She hates seeing me passed out on the couch
5. She loves to sing (she does have a good voice)
6. Her favorite fruit is green mango (she eats it with soy & chilies)
7. She loves collecting shoes, butterfly blings and whatever, and hand bags
8. She likes to swim in the ocean with her sisters
9. She is a blogger junkie
10. She loves taking pictures of herself or whatever she finds beautiful for her photo blog
11. She is always looking at herself in the mirror (like every 15 mins it seems) lol
12. She loves smelling my armpits either it smells good or not. (buang)
13. She is strong willed and determined when it comes to learning new things. She doesn't give up until she succeed.
14. She is scared of the barking lizard or she calls it "toko"
15. She is a very loving, caring, loyal wife and my best friend

There you have it. I would like to thank my husband for taking time writing down his part in this post. Have a great day everyone!

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