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I missed two topics in Couple’s Corner due to the busy Holidays. We were just really busy from the day we celebrated my birthday until the first day of New Year. Since I missed past two topics, I will make it up here in this post along with the topic today which is the “Most Irritating Habits”.

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December 23, 09 – Unforgettable Christmas

Our (hubby and me) unforgettable Christmas was December 24-25, 2008 because it was the first Christmas that we celebrated together. It was unforgettable for me because it was my first Christmas being a married woman plus my husband and my family were celebrating it with me. It was also the most noisy and most extravagant Christmas for us. We had lots of foods on our table plus lots of fireworks. It was unforgettable for my husband because it was his first time celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. I must say he was amazed with how enthusiastic the people were to go to church around 9 in the evening. He was amazed with how we stayed up on the 24th of December to wait for the last tick of the clock hand to 12:00 midnight and start the noise of the fireworks here, there and everywhere. He was amazed with how we wait until the 12:00 midnight to eat the delicious foods on the table. It was unforgettable for hubby because he celebrated Christmas with me and my family for the first time.

December 30, 09 – Can You Read My Mind?
I asked my husband this question last night and his answer was “I can’t read but I can sometimes guess from your reaction.” “Likewise,” I replied back.

We know it when something is bothering with each other. We then ask each other about the things that bother us. I can’t really recall the moment we read each other’s mind. I guess we just don’t take it as a big deal because both of us are more on speaking our mind and talking about something that bothers us.

Today’s Topic – Most Irritating Habits
My most irritating habit according to my husband is “smacking” when I am eating green mangoes dip in salted fish. I just can’t help it. It is too yummy that I forget not to smack every time I am eating it and hubby can’t stand that. Of course, I will not do it with other people around. Other irritating habit is leaving wet towels which I use after taking a bath on our bed. Not just one towel, two wet towels on our bed.

Hubby’s most irritating habits are only his smoking and drinking. He can finish 20 sticks of smoke within an hour. I guess he is closely attached to the cancer sticks. Well, I am not. I can finish only 2 sticks a day now. Hubby’s drinking also is getting worst. During the first time we were together as husband and wife, he only drinks 1-2 big bottle a day of San Miguel beer. Now he can finish up to 4 big bottles a day. Not only that, he switched to a stronger beer which is RED Horse because according to him “Red Horse gives me good kick.”

This is all I can share for our topic today. I hope you all had a great New Year celebration with your loved-ones. Have a great day/night everyone!

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