Dreaming Of Having Children

posted by Rechie L on


Hubby and I had a fun bonding last night. We talked about the way we first met and then the sudden break up, how we get back to each other’s arms again and later on we talked about our dreams. While having those conversations, we were watching a movie on channel 18 about kids that are hardheaded and are pain in the butts of their parents. Those are the kids who rule over their parents. We really didn’t pay much attention to the movie because we were busy talking but our conversation reached to having babies.

Yes, babies about two or three. We talked about the possible names for our babies. We also talked about how we are going to raise our children. Will we do it American way or Filipino way which is “kneel on the salt if you do wrong” without worrying of going to jail from being reported of child abuse? We agreed that since we will be living in the Philippines being our home, we should teach our children Filipino manners like being respectful to the elders most especially to the parents.

As the night went darker and the people went deeper to their slumber, our conversation continued. We were talking about baby stuffs like toys, clothes, the rooms and the childrens beds. The children should be provided everything they need. We also talked about what school they will be attending to and some other stuffs like how are we going react when a boy knock on our door looking for our baby girl. Hubby said that his shotgun is ready for that and we both bursted into laughter. It was a fun night for us, made us closer to each other and more determine to have a baby this year.