Boggle Me Thursday No. 1

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It is my first time participating Boggle Me Thursday meme. I found this meme at Kat's blog of Mom's Place while blog hopping and I found it very interesting especially having the time limit of 3 minutes.  To somebody who are honest enough to follow the instructions, this game is a very interesting challenge to face. Today, I am up for the challenge and these are the only words I came up within the 3 minutes countdown.

run   sun   got   nuns   goat   goats  fat  fats   runs   too   gas   nag   sag   sat   oat   oats    tag   git   fang  fangs  tan   tans   lung   lungs   goo   tags   tag   fag   fags   fangs   fang

Words after 3 minutes:
nags  sang  sung  snag  stag  toot  rung  fan  fans fast

Sentences using the words I found:
1. I run to the forest. / She runs so fast.
2. The sun is shining so bright.
3. I got to go to my optical doctor tomorrow.
4. I always admire nuns for their modest behavior.
5. I never tasted goat meat yet even before when we were raising goats to sell.
6. Having these unwanted fats around my waist made me think I am fat.
7. She is too beautiful to be dumped.
(More sentences Later, I got to get ready for the brownout...which will be anytime soon...)
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