A Dream Car

posted by Rechie L on ,


One of our earnest dreams in life is to have our own car especially if we are working and the workplace is far from home. Having our own car would take us faster to our desired destination than riding a bus and any means of public transportation, not to mention the time wasted in waiting. One thing I hate in riding a bus is I can't let the bus driver stop somewhere safe for me to pee. Well, if we have our own car, we are a lot more comfortable.

Having my own car is one of my dreams actually which I do not have yet. Hubby and I made an agreement that if I'll get pregnant, it is the time that I or we will be needing a car for transportation especially in visiting my parents which take us 30 to 45 minutes in riding hubby's bike. It take us one hour sometimes when the roads get crazy with traffic. 

Earlier today, searching for cars online popped in my head. So, I did a search to feed my eyes with luxurious autos. As I was in the middle of my search, I came across Phoenix auto dealers. I looked at their new inventory and I was really drooling over the shining 4 wheeled  luxury right on my computer screen. The car you see in the picture is 2010 Mercedes Benz C350 4-Door Sedan. It caught my attention!Its transmission is automatic with 3.5 V6 engine. This would really be a nice car to drive around.