A Happy Baby Girl Named Maja

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Hubby and I were visited by a happy baby girl last Tuesday. Her name is Maja, the daughter of our distant cousin. He visited us with my brother last Tuesday.  They know that I am more than frustrated to have a baby that's why (maybe) they took this pretty little girl with them. 
Look at her. She seemed to be having no problem at all. She is a pretty good girl. Among the babies in our family, she is the best. Just let her sit down comfortably, give her something to play with and she is set. You'll never hear her cry unless she is hungry or she's hurt. 
Oh, she is 8 months old by the way. Yep, she is a big girl, a very healthy and a very happy baby. I don't mind taking care of this baby for life, as long as she just stays as she is. I mean, if she won't grow up. Lol!
She looks so cute when she smiles. She was curious with what I was doing when I took picture of her. I told her to smile and she did. 
Here is hubby and baby Maja. He was letting the baby sleep.  When the baby was half asleep, he gave the baby to me and baby Maja slept in my arms. It was a very nice feeling. I felt like I was really a mother.  
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