A Short Love Message and Late Valentine's Greetings

posted by Rechie L on


L..is for looking for the 'sunny side
of the street'...choosing the right
thoughts each day...filling your mind
with what's good about life.

O...is for openess to let the good things
in life flow to you...stay on the receiving
end of the hurricane of blessings that is
headed your way.

V...is for vision down the road...to see
your life as you want it to be and hold
that picture till it comes.

E...is for embracing who you are,
what you've come here to do and
who you are becoming.

Today...choose to LOVE yourself enough to
choose Happiness...open your arms wide enough
to catch all the goodness in front of you...
and get ready to be, do and have anything in
life you want.

That's REAL love...and your Happiness,
Goodness and Inner Peace will do more for
others than any box of candy or roses ever

Love starts with YOU.

Don't be afraid to stand in front of the mirror
and say often, "I LOVE YOU"
Happy Valentine's and Wish You all Had a Great Valentine's Date!
from Gary and Chie
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