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I got a tag from Tejan of Insights last February 13 and I just posted it today. I am so sorry sis for grabbing the tag late.  I was just really busy with everything's going on here at home plus the Valentine's day. Thank you so much sis for sharing this heart day tag with me.

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"A gift goes a long way towards insuring domestic peace. 
In other words, a man looking to the future never forget the present"
This is hubby's first Valentine surprise for our first Valentine being an engaged couple. Since we were not able to celebrate it together because of his work, he hid this gift and card somewhere in my apartment back in  January 2008 before he left for work. On the 13th of Feb. 08, he sent an instant message telling me to open my Valentine gift from him on the 14th and told me where he hid it.

Since Valentine's day is over, I would like to just keep this award.  Have a great day to you all!
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