Boggle Me Thursday 2

posted by Rechie L on


It is boggle time and it just so happened that hubby and I bought a Philippine version of this game called Skrib Age recently. If you are a faithful visitor of this site, you know what I am talking about for I posted about it already.  Anyway, here are the words that I saw during the 3-minute time limit 
pie   set   state   sat   stat   tee   tea   the   set   tan   ten   teen   she   ant   sheet   ate   eat   teas   them   then   hen   men   mean   meat   meats   met   meet   meets   heat   heats   bet   bets   pet   pets   ants   thee   tat

After 3 minutes:

hex   neat   best   hoe   hoes   hip   shoe   been   pee   bee   hem   net   nets   meant   sane   sheen  tease   taste 

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